Gillian PinderGillian Pinder is a dynamo. Her body loves sports - she is an elite soccer player...... Her heart lives with her family and friends who support and keep her grounded... and her soul is MUSIC.... 24/7..... Gillian is always writing, weaving her words, creating her melodies, and bathing them in sounds that are uniquely hers.

Piano, guitar, drums, bass guitar, and her expressive, dynamic voice are her instruments. Then, there are her words...... Lyrics, so mature..... profound...... lyrical..... beyond her twenty-one years on this earth...... Gillian has that "special" ability to open up her heart, completely to give us words that make us think, imagine, and reflect......

'Coming Home' tells the story of watching a parent grieve, heal, and forgive...... 'Faces' tackles the issue of overcoming adversity with heartfelt revelations from such a young voice...... 'Fade To Grey' asks deep questions about life to someone very near and dear to her....... 'Here Tonight' addresses the wonder of "first-love", without the typical clichés...... 'Not A Love Song' deals with the pain of heartbreak and the challenges moving forward...... 'Through These Eyes' is a collaboration, written for the wedding of friends, in which Gillian's lyrics paint a bride's anticipation and love....... 'Seventeen' is about searching for guidance while facing important decisions...... 'Someday' is written for a good friend of Gillian's and is about taking chances to reach your dream.....

Gillian dresses her words with captivating melodies, subtle nuances, gentle harmonies, and polished chord progressions...... Her roots?....... Almost everything...... from Classical music, to Jazz, to Country Rock, Pop, Alternative, and Rhythm and Blues....... Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock, Sarah McLaughlin, Billy Joel, Mark Knopfler, Pink, Jan Arden, Blue Rodeo, Bryan Adams, The Beatles and the Rolling Stones all have influenced her......

Pop?....... Alternative?....... Rock?....... You decide...... Gillian says "It is hard for me to define my music by genre. To me, it defines itself by being unique and true to who I am, and that is really all I care about."

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Gillian Pinder1. Seventeen (G. Pinder 2011)
Gillian Pinder: vocals & piano; Kelly Cerkowniak: background vocals; Z. Hrynewich: other instruments

2. Here Tonight (G. Pinder 2008)
Gillian Pinder: vocals & guitar; Kelly Cerkowniak: background vocals; Z. Hrynewich: other instruments

3. Faces (G. Pinder 2009)
Gillian Pinder: vocals & piano; Z. Hrynewich: strings

4. Not a Love Song (G. Pinder 2010)
Gillian Pinder: vocals; Gary Zdunich: guitar; Z. Hrynewich: other instruments

5. Someday (G. Pinder 2011)
Gillian Pinder: vocals & guitar

6. Through These Eyes (G. Pinder/Z. Hrynewich 2011)
Gillian Pinder: vocals; Z. Hrynewich: piano

7. Fade to Grey (G. Pinder 2006)
Gillian Pinder: vocals; Z. Hrynewich: other instruments

8. Coming Home (G .Pinder 2012)
Gillian Pinder: vocals; Kelly Cerkowniak: background vocals; Zane Hrynewich: instruments

Produced by: Zane Hrynewich
Mastered by: Orest Hrynewich
Photos by: Cindy Moleski


"Very special thanks to Zane for putting in countless hours on this project. I couldn't have done it without your dedication, support, and friendship. I will miss arguing with you over organ sounds but will admit you have been right about a lot of things.....

I also want to thank my great friend Kelly for singing on 17 and Here Tonight. I dragged her into the studio many times and she didn't even complain too much.....

Lastly, I want to thank my mom because she told me to."

Gillian Pinder




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